Once the smoke from the recent NFT hype cleared a little bit we figured it’s time to fill the void with a project of proper substance. So we did five minutes of research and came up with some interesting facts:

  1. Dictators are men.
  2. The biggest a**holes obviously have the smallest dicks.
  3. We love 8 bit graphics.
  4. Sarcasm is awesome.

We put those four facts on a flip chart and stared at it till the pizza guy knocked on the door. That was the moment when the epiphany kicked in:

LittleDicktators NFT Collecting Cards!

Every card comes with a mean punch line and varying points:

3-6 pts                 COMMON DICK
7-8 pts                 RARE DICK
9 pts                     SUPER RARE DICK
10 pts                  MYSTERIOUS DICK

So far we designed 55 unique cards, but more LittleDicktators are already lined up. Just follow @8_BIT_BASTERDS to get all the intel all the time. You will find the perfect LittleDicktator for every taste and wallet size. For now there’s only one more thing to say:

May the collecting frenzy start: Pick a LittleDicktator and trade it!

If you have comments, requests or questions of any kind plz get in touch on of the million channels we maintain like the pros we are : )

Yours truly

Did you notice the glitches? Yup: We are Jack’s liver, too.